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The Right to Information is a fundamental human right that grants individuals the ability to access information held by public authorities and institutions. It is a crucial element in promoting transparency, accountability, and participatory democracy. Recognized internationally as a basic human right, the right to information is enshrined in various conventions and treaties. Many countries have enacted specific legislation to guarantee this right, which establishes the procedures and mechanisms for requesting and obtaining information from public authorities. The scope of information typically includes records, documents, reports, and other relevant materials held by public authorities, with certain exceptions for national security, personal privacy, or confidential commercial information. To exercise the right, individuals must submit formal requests that specify the desired information. Timelines for responses and nominal fees may be imposed, but waivers or reductions are often available. In case of denial or inadequate response, individuals have the right to appeal the decision through designated mechanisms. Whistleblower protection provisions further safeguard those who disclose information in the public interest. The right to information brings various benefits, including promoting good governance, combating corruption, empowering citizens, and fostering transparency and trust. While the core principles remain consistent, variations in the specific details and implementation of the right to information exist among different countries based on their unique legal frameworks, administrative structures, and socio-political contexts.

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